M. Paloma Pavel’s Bio

About M. Paloma Pavel

Paloma is an educator and international consultant for healthy, just, and resilient metropolitan communities. She is President of Earth House Center, co-founder of the Breakthrough Communities Project, and former Director of Strategic Communications for the Sustainable Metropolitan Communities Initiative at the Ford Foundation. Her most recent publication is Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis (MIT Press).

Paloma’s academic background includes graduate study at Harvard University and the London School of Economics. Her graduate activities and her subsequent life’s work have been deeply inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu: She was organizer for anti-Apartheid divestment on Harvard’s campus; and at the London School of Economics she conducted research on South African Economics in the pre- and post-Apartheid eras. Paloma went on to assist in Truth and Reconciliation processes in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia.

Paloma was the first North American faculty to circle the globe on the Peace Boat, offering support and technical assistance in environmental and humanitarian hotspots around the world. She has taught and trained community resilience in Costa Rica and South America, and participated and presented at the UN Conference on sustainable development in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has presented internationally including the 50th anniversary of the bomb in Hiroshima. Paloma is currently visiting faculty at UC Davis’ Center for Regional Change.

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